What is the CSM?


I reject eve is a game.

Yes, for many people eve online is “merely” a game, like chess or space invaders. I find myself in disagreement with this oversimplification. Yes, eve has game like qualities and features, but there’s no denying it has a strong pretense of  being a world, a mythology, a story, a history.  Similar venues (which are wholly not gamelike) are Star Trek and Star Wars, and even those have a lackluster mythology (or consistency!) compared to what eve conceivably has. he amount of meaningful statements I can make over any Eve Online system is several orders of magnitude greater than with either of the above two franchises with regards to every system.

A lot of regular subscribers to eve are religiously and militantly focused on the pew, the min/maxing and the endless grind of warfare. While I understand and respect those realities, they are not mine. Thus I reject eve as a “mere” game. It is so much more – or better – it has so much more potential.

Eve has grossly neglected its storytelling, descriptive, world building sides. It can be the same old game a lot of people love, and in having ambitions of being more it does not detract from the former. Pew people can still do pew, but in the meanwhile game content can expand in numerous directions. There are doors ajar in the game everywhere. I see opportunities, or “low hanging fruit” all over the place.

I think CCP is scared. CCP is scared of “rocking the boat” and introduce things that make the subscribing niche of players start whning of “misallocation of resources”. If someone at the CCP offices starts making better gas giant ring models and SFX, a lot of the old crowd fall over themselves screaming on the forums that CCP “squanders” its “scarce” resources.

I think that’s bullshit. I see so many opportunities where CCP can fairly easily expand the game with a minimum of effort, or even crowd-sourced by dedicated and fanatical players. There are ways to decide on having your customer base generate proper, SFW (and consistent!~) in-game content. I am absolutely certain there are 3D graphic artists that can produce quality ship models in-game and would do so for free. I am absolutely certain the freedom to submit descriptive texts (i.e., via some sort of wiki) could fill in all those barren and empty system and star popups.


The New Cormorant

I am delighted by this new Cormorant design. This is a massive improvement to an already quite interesting design style. I like the skin as well, in particular the emphasis towards oldschool  Homeworld design, and tip-of-the-hat towards Chris Foss.

Without color, here’s the new design for the Chimera. Design done by Pavel Savchuk – and he really gets it. I hope an artist will step forward to do similarly evocative Gallente vessels.


Truly Awesome.  One day he’ll do a second Minmatar and Caldari Titans. I guarantee it.