My candidacy makes the following assumptions

Point 1

Eve isn’t just a “game” or “MMO” – it is at some level meant to be simulating a persistent, credible universe. Eve isn’t some game of 4 dimensional chess – it’s a persistent and rich history and an epic tale.
If you insist on playing only a pew game, a minmaxing gamea goddamn spreadsheet , a salt mining game, don’t vote for me. If you like exploring, reading on background stories, roleplaying, immersive world, conceptual variations then I seek to represent your interests in Eve Online. Yes I don’t give a damn if eve attracts a bunch of “care bears” that want to play some kind of new in-world niche space farmville, as long as the game starts rapidly growing its user base.  My motto – if you build something that’s worth the money, people will come.

Point 2 

My assertion is CCP has been playing a decade of catchup in minmaxing ships, haphazzardly creating too many “more of the same” game features and updates to service the addiction patterns of established paying customers, and has assiduous avoided betting on implementation of new features to “maybe” attract new players and expand a significantly bigger player base.

I am personally convinced Eve can attract significant numbers of new players if these are serviced with a wider palette of gaming experiences. I am personally convinced CCP has been too consistently and predictably managed to “farm” an ever more elusive, esoteric player base for monthly revenues.

I in no means wish to detract from sustaining the current set of experiences, as eve needs all the players it can get. I am for expanding the range of experience and ath the same time keep servicing “old dog interests”. Yes, CCP would attract new paying participants by implementing substantially more diverse (emphasis) gaming experiences. These experiences should be based on above point one – by taking the existing narrative framework and seeking any and all logistically sensible gaming in-game structures and attaching a rapidly increasing set of things to do.

If you think CCP should play catchup with your established pew only , then don’t vote foe me. However if you think a large number of new players, many of which would be carebears, can and should be attracted to the game then don’t vote for me. If you think the game can sustainably grow at the very least an average of several ten thousand online account concurrency (and corresponding subscription rates) per month growth (and hence, a year from now, average several ten thousand online players) then vote for me.

Point 3

Science exists, “hard” science fiction is a thing, and yes – in terms of real world science eve is quite unrealistic. But every day new science fiction storytelling comes online in books, novels, competing games. Eve is becoming increasingly what should be characterized as “campy” or “gernsback continuum” features. I propose a rapid catchup, where Eve more symbolically represents dawning understanding of hard Science Fiction. This is a fairly abstract point, so I’d best summarizing it as follows “while eve does not pretend to be Newtonian realistic, at one time it did have this pretense, and I’d want eve to more strongly aspire to taking stuff from the real world and at least symbolically represent it in the game”. Yes that means black holes, double star systems, extremely detailed gas planets and lots and lots of advances in astrophysics and accelerating technology. CCP should be gently coaxed in to rapid expanse of these features, as realistically as will mesh with established gameplay. Yes CCP should be gently coaxed to “non-disruptively” retcon certain in-game systems. And much more.

Point 4

The game involves large numbers of people, politics, star systems, cultural frameworks and plausible world mechanics. I mean I really like eve as it is, but I think it would be better by gradually (and non-disruptively) extend the simulation of high end in world politics. That means – the end game should offer existing players new things to do and exert dominance in and I actively propose these should be things new to the game – intra-planetary politics. Players should be able to change aspects of gameplay by controlling interests in the world at large. This could be as simple as players paying pirates factions to more actively engage targets in enemy territories and thereby disrupting competing alliances, but this would just be an example of many. I am in favour of a shadow player of moguls and power brokers working in the shadows and being able to exert universal dominance in completely new ways, in particular in ways that don’t ruin the gameplay of new players. Vote for me if you think CCP would easily be able to expand storytelling detail, and create in-game systems to allow high end factions to exert dominance. Do not vote for me if you think descriptive storytelling of, say, star systems would add nothing you find meaningful to the game. Do not vote for me if you think a power play mechanic involving NPC factions and “cloak and dagger” gameplay involving NPC’s, espionage, politics is desirable.

Point 5

One aspect of eve is the absolute vacuum in terms of ship crews and all implications thereoff. One important aspect of my candidacy is to make CCP graduall but persistently implement ship crews and the almost unimaginable richness in new game mechanics, storytelling, intreraction models, market options that entails. Yes I am aware a lot of players, corporate blocks and established alliances would freak out about such a vast and expansive new range of choices complicating their already bloated logistics, and I’d say “cry mich ein rivier”. I’d say, CCP should be seduced in implementing a gradual (even if it is moderately disruptive to status quo) implementation of ship crews. Yes that would mean ‘trading’ ship crews, cultivating the in-flow of a set of extremely diversified types of cyborg, humanoid, genetically modified or wholly android crews. Some crews would actually come with disadvantages, and so be it. Yes crews would pen up new in-game vulnerabilities, such as completely killing the crew of a vessel and capturing it largely undamaged – by expending considerable effort. Vote for me if you want ship crews. Period.

Point 6 

I am of the conviction that current CCP design and game management policies have devolved from the original objectives for the game. I am concerned that current CCP manages the game to stay afloat and continu to make money, but without lack of long-term interess or vision. I believe CCP can be persuaded to gradually start acknowledging a more interesting, immersive, aesthetic, all-encompassing game design style, and with such a new philosophy can attract a significantly larger subscriber base. I am personally convinced that Eve might literally fail on account of lack of foresight and aesthetics, and that certain elements in the company CCP don’t really care as long as they are generating revenues now.

Summarizing – I love eve not just for the opportunity to get my ass ganked by goons, but also because caldari ships look cool. I play eve not just to mine salt from carebears, but largely because even after more than one and a half decade I still get the tingles when I see animated T2 destroyers unfold their wings when changing operational mode, or when I see a sun in such ferociosity and detail as it is now. But I can’t help myself from asking, what should be *exciting* and plausible side effects of being at a particular distance (very close or very far) from a star? Why are there no doubel star systems? Why don’t ships have simulated crews? Why why why? My thesis as your elected candidate is allowing the player base significantly expanded in-game options and freedoms, a lot more realism (even if it’s just make-belief realism) and immersiveness. I am in favour of, say, expending the ability of the player base to actively discuss new features and make sure they get implemented in the game in a rational, level-headed, consistent – but unabating – set of steps. If you think this should be done and yes, eve can be made to grow again, vote for me. If you are a cynical old coot that can’t stand all these structure and game mechanic upgrades because, goddamn, your sand castle now occupies a constantly alternating  “cryogenic” versus “superhot” spot in the star system, because the spot you are in now has bloody a sun-sized star, a red supergiant AND a goddamn pulsar with a goddamn high energy accretion disk, then don’t vote for me.

What do I bring to the game?

– Life’s experience, a very strong sense of determination, having played eve since 2005, a sense of proportions, a unique personal style and a “serpent’s tongue”,

– Some experience in real world politics,

– Decades of roleplaying and world building experience,

– A background in project management, game art and concept design, philosophy,

– Being a fairly famous and activists transhumanist or technoprogressive. I mean they shot RW documentary of me farming anoms with my carebear VNI, for fuck’s sake.

– low key, polite and nuanced (as oposed to “SJW”) representation interests of alternative lifestyle players (I am M2F transgender myself),

– unshakable self of sef-importance, almost no sense of shame, a considerable tolerance for alcohol and an actual sexual, intellectual, social and artistic life outside of eve.

– someone who had her legal name change in a manner that just happen to coicide with her already established eve online character name.

Khannea SunTzu





I reject eve is a game.

Yes, for many people eve online is “merely” a game, like chess or space invaders. I find myself in disagreement with this oversimplification. Yes, eve has game like qualities and features, but there’s no denying it has a strong pretense of  being a world, a mythology, a story, a history.  Similar venues (which are wholly not gamelike) are Star Trek and Star Wars, and even those have a lackluster mythology (or consistency!) compared to what eve conceivably has. he amount of meaningful statements I can make over any Eve Online system is several orders of magnitude greater than with either of the above two franchises with regards to every system.

A lot of regular subscribers to eve are religiously and militantly focused on the pew, the min/maxing and the endless grind of warfare. While I understand and respect those realities, they are not mine. Thus I reject eve as a “mere” game. It is so much more – or better – it has so much more potential.

Eve has grossly neglected its storytelling, descriptive, world building sides. It can be the same old game a lot of people love, and in having ambitions of being more it does not detract from the former. Pew people can still do pew, but in the meanwhile game content can expand in numerous directions. There are doors ajar in the game everywhere. I see opportunities, or “low hanging fruit” all over the place.

I think CCP is scared. CCP is scared of “rocking the boat” and introduce things that make the subscribing niche of players start whning of “misallocation of resources”. If someone at the CCP offices starts making better gas giant ring models and SFX, a lot of the old crowd fall over themselves screaming on the forums that CCP “squanders” its “scarce” resources.

I think that’s bullshit. I see so many opportunities where CCP can fairly easily expand the game with a minimum of effort, or even crowd-sourced by dedicated and fanatical players. There are ways to decide on having your customer base generate proper, SFW (and consistent!~) in-game content. I am absolutely certain there are 3D graphic artists that can produce quality ship models in-game and would do so for free. I am absolutely certain the freedom to submit descriptive texts (i.e., via some sort of wiki) could fill in all those barren and empty system and star popups.