I have made myself available for the electoral cycle of CSM12, starting march 6 this year.

I won’t actively lobby at this stage. I just run as a candidate, and gradually building towards CSM13 I will cautiously aim to make myself gradually more visible.

My relevant identies are,

(in game character)  – Daugar Draaken, male

(real world identity) – Khannea S. Dirven, female

Yes I am member of the mining corporation Mine ‘N Refine, which is an active member of the Goons. Goon political and gaming values are not part of my running for CSM. My interests lie in a completely different direction.

This is my candidacy text

CCP has been alleged to have a cautious, defensive, “status quo” oriented design & development style. It can also be alleged that CCP game design relies insufficiently on world building centered design. Nonetheless there are many ideas out there proposed by a solid minority of the player base that visualize a more proactive, encompassing world building effort.

That’s why I run. I am personally not all that interested in the same old ship pew, but I’d love see new game affordances that center on better storytelling, more player input and a substantially more diverse style of play.

:Let’s face it, a lot of militantly status quo players want nothing changed that upsets their power base “apple cart”. This mindset has infected the game, to the point CCP can be argued to be intimidated by the old school crowd. This alienates a lot of new players. Thus i strongly advocate creating a far more diverse gaming environment in eve where new players have a substantially wider range of game options.

As CSM I will represent a position that will help CCP to evolve in to a game where more people try the game, more people play the game, more people subscribe and more people return to the game over time. That will require a paradigm shift from the same old – and yes, it entails advocating a game design style that does collide with the “more of the same” status quo mindset.


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