The Lateral CSM

Let’s introduce myself. In 2006 I started getting involved with eve. My main is, Daugar Draaken, and in real life my name is actually Khannea. I live right in the center of the Hague in the Netherlands and this particular venue is dedicated to Eve Online. The keep it short and to the point, during me attending a class in Game Design in 2008-2009 at the HKU in Hilversum, I kinda lost track in tangentials and I wrote an absolutely ramshackle, disjointed by passionate article on directions for the game Eve Online. I haven’t seen much online reference to the article, and despite getting a small and respective vote tally, I got only 10% or so from attaining an actual seat in this elected representative body.

My views were not particularly popular back then. As a person I am primarily interested in stories. Since I am not particularly good at Eve, I don’t feel a need to be especially ambitious or vitriolic in my ambitions and consequently I have no urgency about casual play. That may change as my experience expands.

At the time I collected all ideas I saw float by, and wrote them down in a 75+ page PDF. It was a royal mess – I was a lot more volatile in my thinking back then and my style at the time was so ramshackle and disorganized I won’t feel pressed to reprint that PDF, but I did notice quite a bit of the suggestions I put forth in that article “road-map to expanding for eve online” have indeed been implemented since that time.

At this time now I have shed a considerable amount of that Sturm & Drang I had back then (since I made a few rather drastic lifestyle choices since then)  and the time has arrived to start considering active CSM-centered ambitions again.

So what is the fundamental philosophy for me entertaining the notion of electability at some future date? To put it frank, I am not interested in game balance – I am interested in radical expansion of game features, “affordances” in the game, as I was in 2009. I like Eve for its raw sense of authenticity, its dedication to “everyone versus everyone” mindset, its ambitious scope and I would really like to see a fastpaced and proactive expansion in available options. I am aware that introducing newness in a code Diplodocus such as eve would be a very complex matter and I understand the server architecture of the game “is somewhat lacking” in its flexibility and openness to new aspects.

My philosophy is based on a mix of long term view – in the game and outside the game. In mundane everyday reality I consider myself staunchly “transhumanist”, and I take the long view of existence. Let’s assume that Eve Online still exists 20 years from now, what would be the most achievable realistic, the most compelling, the most encompassing (and thus the must competitive) gaming experience possible? How can eve expand in to new gaming interfaces, new forms of hardware and server architecture? And most of all – if we lay the bar at 100.000 top player concurrency in 2020,  twice as much in 2024 and again twice as much (about 500.000) in 2028 (and a corresponding growth in subscriber base), what would CCP need to do to achieve such lofty goals?

Based on some of the goals I brainstormed on in 2009, let me re-iterate my ambitions.

Very High Priority

  • Ship crews
  • A logical series of extrapolations of implementing ship crews
  • Significantly increases detail and narrative for known space in eve
  • Significantly more diverse skill tree in character advancement
  • The introduction of more advanced strategy game features in-game
  • More affirmation of actual astrophysics in eve
  • Substantially more space real estate in eve
  • The introduction of player-centered politics in-game
  • Player concurrence and subscription rate doubling per 4 years
  • A sharp increase in “gateway drug” starter gameplay experience; a broadening of the gameplay base
  • Significantly more interactivity options in existing stations
  • Significantly more interaction with planets and moons

High Priority

  • Increasingly using player creativity as source for game design
  • Significantly more and more complex NPC activity and assertiveness
  • (More robust) branch-off games such as Valkyrie, Dust 512,
  • A significant upgrade in stations
  • Affirming aspects of latterday transhumanist and cyberpunk value in-game
  • A radical departure from current docking experience, a more enticing as well as interactive visual experience in-game.
  • Players  steering or controlling NPC activity
  • Ship Bridges
  • Space elevators and orbital real estate
  • O Neil Spin habitats

Median Priority

  • A Realistic pathway for Ambulation (Walking in stations)
  • A fifth faction in the game

I understand a lot of established players will not like these ideas. My suggestion if you as a player do not like my ideas is to simply not vote for me. My ideas are geared towards that segment of the player population that wants these (as well as other) types of content expansions in the game.













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